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Tierney Voit
Clinical Director
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Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP) provides substance abuse treatment for Washington County residents who are referred for a variety of reasons, such as following conviction of an OWI/DUI or other legal concerns, including Drug Treatment Court or diversion programming, or individuals seeking an IOP level of care to treat substance use. IOP follows the Matrix Model, which is an evidence based program including group, individual, and family interventions.

Family Centered Treatment (FCT) is an evidence based and well-supported trauma treatment model of home-based family therapy. FCT incorporates elements of treatment from a variety of other evidence based treatments with a goal of keeping families intact by providing flexible treatment that aims to meet the needs of each individual family. FCT works predominantly with individuals and families involved with Child Welfare, Youth Justice, or other programming associated with Washington County.

The PSG substance use targeted case management program works directly with Washington County to provide case management services for individuals struggling with substance use disorders and in need of assistance with coordinating care. In addition to case management, this program also provides assessment services to help identify the most appropriate level of care for individuals form the community seeking a variety of substance use treatment options including residential treatment.

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