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Lara Shoemaker
Vice President of Programming
Christina Sanchez
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This program works with families referred from the Sheboygan County Human Services Department to maintain safety in homes where children are at-risk for removal or in the process of reunification. This program addresses a wide range of concerns including safety, parenting, household management, nutrition, safe and stable housing, service acquisition, education, employment, medical, mental health and substance abuse issues. Emphasis is placed on helping families develop formal and informal systems of support and resources.

PSG staff provide supervised family interaction services to families with children placed in out of home care. Mentoring services for youth and parents involved with Child Welfare and Youth Justice system are also provided through this program. Families are referred for wraparound services by Sheboygan County Division of Children and Family Services staff.

The goal of Family Finding is to ensure youth and families who are involved with the child welfare system maintain connections to supportive, positive biological family members and other like-kin or community members. PSG staff work with the child and parents to locate and engage family and other supportive individuals in order to increase family connectedness and engagement. This program also provides family members the opportunity to participate in the lives of their relatives who are living outside of the parental home.

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