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Lara Shoemaker
Vice President of Programming
John Cliff
Director of CCS Ancillary Programming
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This community-based program serves individuals, 18 years and older, who have significant mental health or substance abuse concerns. Staff provide service facilitation within the CCS Program through Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division as well as support and referral for recovery based services to program clients. Staff also provide monitoring and intervention as needed.

This program conducts Independent Initial Assessments for the Division of Milwaukee Child Protective Services (DMCPS). Independent investigations of alleged abuse and neglect are mandated whenever there is a substantial probability of bias by the investigating agency. Independent investigations may be conducted for the following reasons: 1) Report of abuse or neglect by a foster parent. 2) Maltreatment of a foster child by another adult other than a foster parent. 3) Report of abuse and neglect by staff of a residential facility of a child placed by DMCPS. These investigations are completed in a manner consistent with the state of Wisconsin Child Protective Access and Initial Assessment Standards.

Kinship Care is designed to provide monetary support for a minor child who resides outside of his or her own home, either temporarily or for the long term, with a relative. Kinship Care supports the concept of children residing with a relative caregiver to alleviate family stress or temporary familial problems, rather than being placed formally in an out-of-home placement. This program is responsible for determining eligibility for Kinship Care benefits and monitoring client’s compliance with eligibility requirements. Eligibility for Voluntary Kinship Care applicants is determined via home visits, interviews and paperwork. This is strictly a financial support program without any children’s court involvement.

The Placement Referral Unit works collaboratively with Initial Assessment (IA) and the contracted ongoing services agencies within the Division of Milwaukee Child Protective Services (DMCPS). This program refers children and families to the appropriate ongoing services agency that will best meet the needs of the child(ren) who require out-of-home placement or families who need intensive in-home services. The goal is to place children, as a sibling group to the greatest extent possible, in the least restrictive setting that will meet the needs of the children. Whenever possible and appropriate, children will be placed with a relative first.

This program is responsible for conducting reviews of child welfare cases for Access, Initial Assessment and Ongoing Services, using standardized review instruments that measure state and federal child welfare standards. Staff utilize the Onsite Review Instrument through the Child and Family Services Review process while conducting statewide reviews of Child Welfare practices.

This program serves youth and adults referred from Milwaukee County’s Comprehensive Community Services Program. Staff meet one-on-one with clients struggling in various aspects of their life. Staff use goal-oriented interventions to support the youths’ care plan, and at times support the parents in enhancing the parent-child relationship. Interventions may include social skills, emotional regulation, anger management, independent living skills, and behavior management.

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