Adolescent AODA/Whole Health Education Group

Designed to educate adolescents in different areas of influence (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Familial, Social and Spiritual) including definitions and how to care for each area. Additionally, the group focuses on how the process of addiction; AODA as well as process addictions, such as gambling, food etc. influences each area; including the effects of various drugs as well as the number of side effects impacting the adolescent. This group is meant to give adolescents the tools to become more informed consumers as well as becoming aware of their overall health.

Adolescent Seven Challenges Group

This is an empowerment group for adolescents who are in all stages of drug and alcohol use from experimentation to dependency. It is designed to meet the adolescent where they are, with the goal of guiding them through the stages of change by walking with them through the challenges of self-reflection, honesty, responsibility, choices and consequences, self-awareness and mastery toward personal empowerment.

Parent and Guardian AODA/Whole Health Education Group

This group is designed for the parents and/or guardians of adolescents who are in various stages of alcohol and/or drug use, from experimentation to dependency. They will learn what their children are learning in the adolescent education group, with the addition of more structured education in the areas of adolescent development, parental and family structure, and goal planning.

Adult Impaired Driver’s Group

This group is designed to meet the goals set by the HOPE Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse, the dictates of the legal system and the Department of Motor Vehicles' requirements for the individual’s Driver’s Safety Plan. PSG is classified as a “Preferred Provider” by the Hope Council and maintains this status by providing excellent treatment for our clients. PSG’s Impaired Driver’s Program consists of a minimum of 6 individual sessions with an AODA therapist, as well as a minimum of 12-1 hour groups. However, the program is individualized and will be lengthened or modified to meet the client’s needs as well as to ensure the public’s safety. The goal of the group is to educate the attendees in the areas of influence, the process of addiction and pro-active health and recovery. In many ways it also serves as a support for the individual while he or she is learning to practice concepts and voice their own unique challenges.

Adult AODA/Whole Health Education Group

This group is designed as an AODA Education Group similar to the Impaired driver’s group without the need for a Driver’s Safety plan.

Impaired Health Care and Helping Professional’s AODA/Whole Health Education and Support Group

This group is designed as an education group with all of the same areas of focus as groups described above, with the added ability for longer term support. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of nurses, MDs, pharmacists and other health care professionals, as well as those in the helping and social professions such as firefighters, police personnel, lawyers, judges, social service workers etc. who are having difficulties due to the use, abuse, or stages of dependency with regard to alcohol, other drugs, or process addictions such as gambling, food, etc.

*Additional groups are available on an as needed basis