Coordinator - Debora Klopp

  • 3930 South 8th Street, #105
  • Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495
  • (715) 423-3337

Services Provided

The ISS Program services adjudicated delinquent youth, (ages 12-17 years old). The program offers a variety of services that include individual and family counseling; liaison between the client, DSS, and the school setting; recreational activities in a group setting; appearances in Juvenile Court; and help with finding jobs for our clients. Further, ISS provides 24 hour/7 day per week crisis counseling and curfew monitoring for seven evenings per week for the families served.
The HD program is an intensive supervision program based on a five level system. This program assists on stabilizing the behavior of the client and aids the family in regaining control in the household. Minimum length of program is eight weeks.
The ELM program offers an alternative to incarceration and out-of-home placement for juveniles. ELM serves as a technical procedure for the monitoring of a client's adherence to curfew compliance. The equipment used requires no active participation by the client except in wearing the transmitter on his/her ankle.
This program will receive referrals through the Wood County Family court. This program assists the court in reaching a determination as to placement and visitation by citing factual information and observations in recommendations to the court.
The UA Program services youth who have had difficulties with alcohol and/or drug usage. Referrals are made to the program by Wood County Department of Social Services. These youth need to come to the office and drop a "UA" on a random basis that can range from weekly to monthly depending on the needs of the youth. Youth are seen weekly by the UA worker.