Chris Schoen -- Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Kris Kutschera -- Lead Supervisor
  • 2999 West Spencer Street Appleton, WI 54914

Services Provided

Bridget LeGrave -- Supervisor
The Family Mobile Team works collaboratively with Outagamie County to respond to youth and family crisis situations in the community. This program also provides follow up services as well as referrals to community based services when appropriate.
Bridget LeGrave -- Supervisor
This program works with families referred from Outagamie County Health & Human Services to maintain safety in homes where children are at risk for removal. This program addresses a wide range of issues including safety, parenting, household management, nutrition, safe and stable housing, service acquisition, education, employment, medical, mental health and substance abuse.
Bridget LeGrave -- Supervisor
Supervised Visitation provides supervision between children who are in temporary foster care placement and their families. Workers arrange and supervise visits, observe interactions, and when necessary, transport children to and from visits.