PSG currently provides school-based services in Kenosha, Milwaukee, Racine, Walworth, and Washington counties; working with children and their families who are struggling with academic and behavioral concerns within the school environment.

Providing services within the school increases access to services for families who may not be able to go to an outpatient clinic on their own. School-Based Staff go directly into the school to provide intervention including individual and group therapy, education/consultation for school personnel, and family therapy as needed.

Referrals for school-based services are made by school staff; including counselors, social workers, and psychologists. Parents who are interested in their child receiving these services should contact school personnel and request that a referral be made.

PSG provides services in the following schools:

Green Lake County

Berlin Area School District

  • Berlin High School
  • Berlin Middle School
  • Clay Lamberton Elementary

Kenosha County

Kenosha Unified School District

  • Bose Elementary
  • Bradford High School
  • Brass Elementary
  • Bullen Middle School
  • Curtis Strange Elementary
  • Ebsola CA
  • Ebsola DL
  • Forest Park Elementary
  • Frank Elementary
  • Grant Elementary
  • Grewenow Elementary
  • Harborside Academy
  • Harvey Elementary
  • Hillcrest School
  • Indian Trail High School and Academy
  • Jefferson Elementary
  • Jeffery Elementary
  • Kenosha Boys and Girls Club
  • Lance Middle School
  • Lincoln Middle School
  • Mahone Middle School
  • McKinley Elementary
  • Nash Elementary
  • Pleasant Prairie Elementary
  • Prairie Lane Elementary
  • Reuther Central High School
  • Roosevelt Elementary
  • Somers Elementary
  • Southport Elementary
  • Stocker Elementary
  • Tremper High School
  • Vernon Elementary
  • Washington Middle School
  • Whittier Elementary
  • Wilson Elementary

Western Kenosha County

  • Brighton School
  • Bristol School
  • Lakewood Elementary School
  • Riverview School
  • Trevor-Wilmot School
  • Wheatland Center School
  • Wilmot Union High School
  • Westosha Central High School

Milwaukee County

West Allis/West Milwaukee School District

  • Central High School
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Intermediate
  • General Mitchell Elementary
  • Horace Mann Elementary
  • James E. Dottke Project-Based Learning High School
  • Jefferson Elementary
  • Irving Elementary
  • Lane Intermediate
  • Madison Elementary
  • Nathan Hale High School
  • Pershing Elementary
  • TEC
  • Walker Elementary

Milwaukee Public Schools

  • Carmen High School

Racine County

Western Racine County

  • Burlington High School
  • Cooper Elementary
  • Dyer Intermediate School
  • Karcher Middle School
  • Lyons Elementary
  • Waller Elementary
  • Winkler Elementary
  • Union Grove Elementary
  • Yorkville School
  • Fox River Consortium

Walworth County

Elkhorn School School District

  • Career and Challenge Academy
  • Elkhorn Area High School
  • Elkhorn Area Middle School
  • Jackson Elementary (Elkhorn)
  • Sophos Alternative High School (Elkhorn)
  • Tibbets Elementary
  • West Side Elementary

Lake Geneva School District

  • Badger High School
  • Central-Denison Elementary
  • Eastview Elementary
  • Lake Geneva Middle School
  • Star Center Elementary

Genoa City

  • Brookwood Elementary School
  • Brookwood Middle School

Washington County

West Bend School District

  • Badger Middle School
  • Decorah Elementary School
  • Fair Park Elementary School
  • Green Tree Elementary School
  • Jackson Head Start
  • Jackson Elementary School
  • McLane Elementary School
  • Rolfs- Head Start
  • Silverbrook Middle School
  • West Bend High School
  • West Bend Boys and Girls Club

Slinger School District

  • Addison Elementary
  • Slinger Elementary
  • Slinger Middle School
  • Slinger High School

Germantown School District

  • Amy Belle Elementary School
  • County Line Elementary School
  • MacArthur Elementary School
  • Rockfield Elementary School
  • Kennedy Middle School

Hartford School District

  • Hartford Boys and Girls Club
  • Hartford Central Middle School
  • Lincoln Elementary School
  • Rossman Elementary School

Kewaskum School District

  • Farmington Elementary
  • I4Learning Community School
  • Kewaskum Elementary
  • Kewaskum Middle School
  • Kewaskum High School
  • Kewaskum Boys and Girls Club