Professional Services Group provides psychiatric and medication management services at all our locations. Our providers utilize HIPAA compliant technology to provide services via telehealth, which allows us to serve more clients and provide appointments shortly after receiving a referral. At each appointment, clients meet with a Medical Assistant (MA) who gathers relevant information; including vitals, current medications and symptoms, and allergies, and then sends this information to the provider. The client then meets with Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioners (APNP) through a television screen. All prescriptions are sent electronically, and any questions are addressed and answered by either the MA or provider. We believe in providing quality services to all clients, and prefer clients are also seeing therapists to insure their progress and ongoing success.

Professional Services Group also offers Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for clients struggling with addiction issues. MAT options in our various clinics include Suboxone, Naltrexone, and Vivitrol. Through medication assisted treatment and alcohol and drug counseling, we provide clients with the necessary skills, resources and treatment to become more productive members of society. The program works closely with the Department of Human Services, Department of Corrections, as well as other community based agencies to access resources for housing, employment, transportation and economic support. Involvement with these treatment options requires a significant commitment and ongoing monitoring by our medication assistants and medication providers, to ensure clients’ cooperation and compliance with treatment requirements.