Elizabeth McErlean, LCSW
My name is Beth McErlean and my practice style is primarily from a CBT perspective but through a trauma and attachment lens. My primary preferred population is transition age youth (14 to 25, but am comfortable with children as young as 11) with issues of anxiety, trauma and/or suicide ideation. I also have experience working with blended families or families struggling with communication and/or domestic violence and intimate partner violence. I incorporate strong relaxation aspects such as mindfulness and connecting with nature, yet helping the client find the individualized activities or situations that bring joy and peace as well as overall holistic wellness. I am trained in CAMS suicide interventions and Columbia Suicide screening. I have experience with safety assessment family court custody evaluations. My office is main floor and easily accessible for a wide variety of individuals. Available appointments are generally from 730am to 530pm but accommodations can be made outside those hours.