Stephanie Hernandez
Stephanie received her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology (WSPP). She is continuing her education and training through WSPP to earn her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, Adult-Track and Forensic Emphasis, while practicing under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. Stephanie has worked in multiple outpatient settings, including community-based health centers, a neuropsychology testing clinic, a forensic testing clinic, and within a medical setting. She has experience facilitating individual and group therapy and primarily works with adults, although she works with children and adolescents as well. Common areas that Stephanie has worked with include anxiety and panic disorders, depression, social anxiety, insomnia, grief and loss, substance use issues, trauma, and relational problems. She also conducts psychological evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults. She primarily utilizes a cognitive behavioral approach with integration of mindfulness, lifestyle factors, health and wellness, and brief psychodynamic as needed for clients with relational problems and trauma. Cultural humility is her current research area and an overarching area of emphasis of her therapy work with clients.