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The holiday season is a time full of joy, cheer, parties, and family gatherings. However, for many people it is a time of self-evaluation, loneliness, reflection on past failures, and anxiety about an uncertain future. Families want their holidays to be special and happy for everyone, especially the children. But what many parents forget is that the holiday season can be a very busy time and very stressful for all family members. Children are especially vulnerable at this time of year. It’s important to remember that children need to relax and enjoy the holidays, just the same as adults do. Along with decorating, baking, shopping, and school activities, there are additional stresses children face, that sometimes adults don’t realize. Children often are taken along shopping or visiting when they normally might be relaxing or napping, disrupting their daily routine.

You can help your children reduce holiday stress by following these tips:

The holiday season doesn’t have to be a time of stress and exhaustion. Make sure you do your part to make the most wonderful time of the year live up to its reputation. You and your children will be glad you did.