You can help!

Your participation in any of the following activities directly benefits foster children in Kenosha County.

Foster parents are always in need, however, not everyone is able to foster. There are many other ways you can help children in foster care.


CIP is always seeking gift certificates for major retailers and local restaurants.

These are used in many ways, for example in situations where there is an emergency placement of a child, for our foster parent appreciation banquet and various recruitment efforts. If you are interested in donating other services or items, please contact us using the form below to find out some of the current needs.

Consider doing a fundraising or donation drive for children in care.

While the basic needs of children are met in foster care, there are often extras that they would benefit from. Children’s needs often change depending on the season and their current age. For example, in the spring and the fall we are often seeking help with sponsorship in youth sports, while in the winter we may be in need of sledding and other outdoor items. At other times we may be looking for strollers or music lessons. If you are interested in making a donation or hosting a donation drive, please contact us to learn about the current needs.


Give us an invite to your church, workplace or organization.

Help us get out the word about the need for foster parents by inviting us to your church, community organization, club or workplace. We only need 15 minutes. This raises community awareness and often those who have heard us talk decide to foster or help in other ways.

Donate some space.

Put up one of our posters in your business, office, church or organization. We also have pamphlets and brochures that you can put out for people to take. Just fill out the form below and we will gladly drop them off.

Sponsor a Foster Care Awareness Week.

Sponsor Foster Care Awareness Week at your church or workplace. We will come out any day to hold a casual discussion and pass out informational flyers to those interested in learning more about foster parenting. We can also suggest some short videos and other activities for your awareness campaign.

Your Time

Become a respite foster parent.

Perhaps you don’t want to, or are not able to, make a long term commitment to a foster child. Providing respite can allow you to foster for short periods to allow traditional foster parents a much needed break. Respite can range from one day to a few weeks. Respite foster parents can decide when and for how long they are able to provide care. This works great for those with schedules that vary or spend parts of the year in other states.

Help another foster family.

Do you know a foster family? Consider “adopting” them. You may be able to help them by:

Consider mentoring.

Community Impact Programs does not have its own mentoring programs. There are, however, several local agencies that do have programs. These include Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kenosha and Racine Counties and the RSVP Mentor Program. While you may not help a foster child directly, helping any child makes a difference!

Like us on Facebook.

Like us on Facebook and share our stories with your friends to raise awareness! Facebook is a powerful communication method. When you share our stories, articles and information with your friends you directly help raise community awareness.

As you can see, there are many ways to help.

Please use the form from the link to let us know about your desire to help.